Small Changes

Post Submitted By: Paul Merrill-

Here’s a way you can help the environment in a small way… say no to a cup insulator sleeve the next time you get coffee-to-go.

You will:Small Green Changes
- save that much addition to the landfill
- save the coffee shop the cost of the insulator
- save the transport costs for that insulator sleeve to the shop and to the landfill
- prevent trees from having to be chopped down

You say, “I don’t want to burn my hands!” Well, take a moment at the shop to let the coffee cool. You can’t drink it that hot, anyhow! Use the extra time to meditate, to enjoy looking at the people in the line or to read the newspaper.

If everyone would do this, thing of the cumulative difference it would make!

Ironically, this sleeve says, “Do as little as possible.” I would add, “…to the environment.”

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  1. Lynn Bay says:

    I do so agree!! We waste a tremendous amount of renewable and non renewable resources every day. Try writing notes on the back of incoming envelopes instead of using a new piece of paper. This saves me money and time because then I only have to dispose of one piece rather than two! Thanks for your great articles.

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