Edgy New Company, Lucky Snowboards, Takes Industry by Snow Storm

lucky snowboardsSan Francisco Bay Area – Edgy start up Lucky Snowboards takes the industry by storm with their passion for Eco friendly technology by using renewable products like Bamboo, poplar and hemp in their construction. They balance the line by incorporating new and innovative technology to make you ride better and their art and graphics are like nothing you’ve scene!

As a professional artist, green advocate, and avid snowboarder Patrick Garrett’s dream was to bring all of his passions into one form of expression. Lucky snowboards is the product of 10 years in the making consulting the experts in the industry to fulfill a passion to make a cutting edge high quality/performance board, out of Eco friendly materials, have them made in America, with the most kick ass graphics and original art to boot!  The official launch is Jan 2011 but you can see a sneak peak now on Facebook.

All of us at Lucky Snowboards share the same passion for the boarding community, sustainability and Eco friendly products, art and art community, design, music and giving back. We are greatly interested in cross promoting and supporting like minded people and businesses on their journey and realize the importance of working together as a whole to better achieve our goals and to have the most fun doing it!

Media Contact:

Patrick Garrett
E Patrick@luckysnowboards.com

W www.luckysnowboards.com

FB www.facebook.com/pages/Lucky-Snowboards/139714016077887

TW www.twitter.com/LuckySnowboards

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One Response to Edgy New Company, Lucky Snowboards, Takes Industry by Snow Storm

  1. Shane says:

    “Well done…Bully Ho…and all that!” as my 5 year old daughter would say! Very cool site now let’s get the word out!
    See you on EB :)

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