Eco Parties are Goody Goody

GoodyGoodyBag, a local ethical party bag supplier which differentiates between gendersgoody goody bag and respects the needs of children with allergies and disabilities, has team up with another North East eco-friendly business.  The two innovative and environmentally aware businesses have teamed up to offer the perfect eco-friendly children’s party.

Donna Hildrew and Gillian Gordon both from Newcastle and co-owners of GoodyGoodyBag which provides children with party bags containing ethically sourced products which are natural, safe and suitable for everyone, regardless of disability or allergy.  The toys can also help to stimulate children with learning disabilities.  Each bag contains dried fruit instead of sweets,’ kids grow your own’ seeds, which helps to educate them to grow their own food and a wooden toy.  Donna adds “There is little or no choice for parents who want a healthier and educational alternative to traditional party bags, and GoodyGoodyBag meets that need.”

Vicky Lloyd owner of NEDay Crafts provides children with eco-friendly craft activity kits, each kit is hand designed taking children away from computers and the television to encourage creativity and fun.  NEDay Crafts are not just your everyday arts and crafts company.

The two businesses offer the same high ethical standards and ethos which first prompted them to discuss possible working partnerships.  All three mumpreneurs agreed that by firstly adding reciprocal links on their websites it would generate more demographics to their respective websites. Vicky goes on to say “Many parents are looking for alternative ideas for party bags and NEDay Crafts ‘crafty bags’ allow children to be creative as well as have a ‘make and do’ activity to focus on”

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  1. Kathy says:

    Great idea. We offer a full line of biodegradable tableware, cutlery, and trash bags in the USA. It is important to move to green solutions.

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