Green Directory

Do you have a green or eco friendly website? You can submit your URL to our free Green Directory.

Since our directory is free, we ask that in exchange you take one of our buttons to help promote our great service and link back to us.

The directory that we offer will help raise your website’s appearance in google search. When you’re creating your listing, please use keywords that are targeted specifically for SEO purposes. We ping google every other day with all of the URL’s in our site map, this helps to keep your webpages current and aids in rapid google indexing.

What are some good keywords and meta tags? Well, if you were going to search for your website on google, what would you type in? Think about it, and then use those keywords.

If you have any questions please feel free to comment below and we’ll answer :)

6 Responses to Green Directory

  1. Corn Warmerz says:

    Thanks for approving our submission! We’ve added your button to our e-commerce site and also our blog.

    • admin says:

      Thanks Cornwarmerz! The button looks great :) If you guys have a Press Release or a post that you’d like us to add on our blog please feel free to email it to us

  2. Hi guys

    Thank you so much for approving our submission to your directory!

    We’ve added your button to our website.

    Many thanks

    Donna at GoodyGoodyBag!

  3. Hi, yes thank you from us also …we too have added your button to our site:
    All the best with this directory, its a smashing idea.

  4. Thank you so much for adding Eco-Napkins to your directory! I will soon add your button to my website! Thanks again and love all that you do / connect / network! :-) ~ Stacy

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