Shop to Be Green

I always say better late than later.

As promised, see my energy saving tips to help you save on electric costs.

Any major holiday results in massive electric consumption so cut back, relax and save!

Energy SavingTips for Memorial Weekend:

  1. Inviting the entire neighborhood over for your barbecue bonanza? Well keep things cool and conserve by asking your guests to stay outside.
  2. Keep the doors closed to your house so that you are not wasting energy.
  3. Ceiling fans help circulate air and keep the room cooler and try to raise your thermostat as high as possible without sacrificing comfort, best temperature is 72 degrees. Remember it’s cooler at night so you can increase your thermostat during that time as well.
  4. Save energy with outdoor lights sensors or timers so that fixtures stay off during the day and light up at night.
  5. Cleaning up after a big gathering can be a pain, and using stryofoam plates and paper cups is harmful to the green planet (no more paper cups campaign). If you are using the dishwasher ask for help during the clean up and don’t wait till everyone is gone to clear the plates.
  6. No need to prewash the dishes and you it is not necessary to use the heater because the dishes will dry overnight.
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