Organic and Fair Trade Flowers not just for Valentine’s Day Anymore

Wendy Martin Turley @WendyMTurley – I’m an Interior Decorating Senior at Humber College and I always believed that cut flowers were bad for the environment because you’re cutting and spraying them. Often the workers aren’t paid fairly.  My parents led me to believe this was bad too; because, my father always gave my mother uncut flowers on special occasions. The Celtic culture believes giving cut flowers is wishing the receiver death also.

Now this last Valentine’s season I’ve learnt that florists are beginning to get on the environmental causes too.  There was a call from the local papers in the Toronto Area for people to ask their florists for organic and fair trade flowers.  I’ve done a little research in my local area and have found at least one florist who specializes in only selling organic and fair trade flowers.

Why does this interest me?  In the Decorating and Design field we shudder at the thought of fake flowers and real flowers can be a finishing touch in many rooms.  We use cut flowers and this is a profession that no matter what we do, we impact the environment in positive and negative ways.  There is a push from clients for green products and greener environments and so we are pushing venders and manufacturers to rethink their products and how they are made.  It’s our job to educate ourselves on what says it’s Green and what’s really environmentally green. Every little effort will have a positive impact.

If I can made a smaller carbon footprint by using truly environmentally sound products I will.  I’ll start by using Organic and Fair Trade Flowers.  In the Toronto Area there check out, for Organic and Fair Trade Flowers or the Toronto Star Article for other shops with unique eco services .

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2 Responses to Organic and Fair Trade Flowers not just for Valentine’s Day Anymore

  1. Carly says:

    Verrrrrry nice!

    Looks pretty pro!

  2. David says:

    I love flowers, though I hate them being cut and waiting to shrivel up eventually. Even though the florists are into eco-friendly means, I still like my flowers in pots :)
    Ask David

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