Eco-friendly fashion is reaching an all time high

Eco-friendly fashion is reaching an all time high and fashion-forward people couldn’t be more excited. It is great to see that people are interested in being eco-friendly and trendy. One thing that is missing, however, is eco-friendly plus size fashion. I heard finding eco-friendly plus size clothing is difficult but finding eco-friendly plus size fashion that is actually attractive is even harder. Many of the items out there are generally geared toward women smaller than a size 12/14 but where’s the love for the plus size (or as I like to say, “Full size”) women out there? It is important that plus size fashion also takes a turn toward eco-friendly wear.

Truth be told, there is plus size clothing out there that is eco-friendly but what fashionista do you know would be caught in a burlap sack? It’s seriously time to start paying attention to full figured women and their needs for eco-friendly and trendy fashion. When researching eco-friendly plus size fashion one either finds clothing that is actually cute but only goes up to a size 14 or it goes past a size 14 but isn’t as attractive as smaller sized clothing. We are really hoping that this isn’t the case and we would love to see more eco-friendly clothing for plus size girls and even guys. If you have any plus size earth friendly let us know! Here is what we found:

Etsy: Etsy is a good site for plus size women to find eco-friendly clothing. Since their clothing comes from independent retailers there is the opportunity for custom fitting your clothing if need be. Many of the designers work past the traditional “hippie style” eco-friendly clothing and instead make cute outfits from organic cotton and other earth friendly materials. It would be great to see more eco-friendly plus size clothing out there like what can be found on Etsy.

Rawganique: This site also has eco-friendly clothing for plus size people. Most of their stuff is pretty casual but it still more attractive than what is currently out there. Their clothing comes in true plus sizes which is great! It would be great to see some clothing that was more on the young professional side or everyday clothing.

Both of these sites have attractive eco-friendly clothing in plus sizes but we think there needs to be more. There is a lot of stylish eco-friendly fashion out there but mainly for those below a size 12/14. If you are aware of any plus size eco-friendly fashion out there be sure to let us know or if you feel the same please let us know as well. It is important that there is eco-friendly options for plus size women but it is even more important that these options satisfy the fashionista in everyone.

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