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  1. UN:NU™ specializes in building high quality executive portfolios, day planners, iPod cases, computer cases and camera cases. All of our products are made from high quality recycled rice bags and every single product is as unique as the owner.

  2. Karen Ferris says:

    Hi there! I just submitted a little diddy about my green website
    I look forward to connecting with green businesses and products through your site. Thanks a bunch!

  3. I use my blog as a tool for those who do not understand governmenteze. Having worked in Governement pollution compliance and enforcement, and gotten training from the EPA, California Air Resources Board, and the world’s leading Earth Scientists, I have a lot to offer. I promote Earthships, and caring for our only habitat.

    Here is a bit I did on the Gulf Disaster.

  4. So sorry for the misspelling of Government. I was too late to edit.

  5. Templar says:

    Please add our site in your directory.

  6. This site is amazing. We will make sure to submit some articles about Handmade Organic Skin Care in the future!

  7. Lynn Bay says:

    Have sent you a post, please let me know if it is what you desired. Thank you for your great web site!

  8. Jwls says:

    Hi – Thanks so much for the invite! I have submitted my blog site: and installed your button on there!
    I also submitted my website: and installed your button on my page “Green/Natural”: “
    Thanks again & look forward to sharing! I will post a blog post as soon as I can!

  9. Jwls says:

    Hi – Thanks so much for the invite! I have submitted my blog site: and installed your button on there!
    I also submitted my website: and installed your button on my page “Green/Natural”:
    Thanks again & look forward to sharing! I will post a blog post as soon as I can!

  10. Thank you for your website suggestion on twitter. We have emailed you a copy of an article for the Holy Cow Canoe Company and a link to a blog post regarding social responsibility. Our blog post
    We have included your link on our links page. Thanks!
    The Holy Cow Canoe Company

    • admin says:

      Hi Naomi- please register on our site and we’ll make you an admin. That way you can contribute as many articles as you’d like and you can format them till you’re content!



  11. Scott Ankeny says:

    I just emailed you a post that we would like to have put on your website!

    • admin says:

      Hi Scott! Thanks for submitting! We’d be more than happy to post your content, please register on our site (you’ll find the link in our latest post on our homepage, or you can look for the link to register in our sidebar) After you register we’ll make you an Admin and you can submit your content on a daily basis. Super easy and fun!



  12. Scott Ankeny says:

    Please add our site into your directory!

  13. Amanda says:

    Thank you very much EcoGreenies for following us on twitter! We would like to properly introduce ourselves and our eco-friendly products to you and your readers.

    The Little Lifesaver™ is a family owned and operated business. We specialize in organic, natural and chemical-free emergency and personal care products readily available for your needs. Your family’s health and safety is our primary concern when we create our easily portable and storable emergency kits. The LifeSaver styles we provide are ideal for the whole family.

    The items included inside of The Little LifeSaver contain no animal ingredients, no parabens or artificial colors and were not tested on animals.

    The Little LifeSaver includes:
    Natural Health kit Including organic toothpaste, soap, and tea tree oil dental floss
    Eco Cleansing Hand Sanitizer (Biodegradable)
    Eco Aromatherapeutic Shampoo (no sls or preservatives)
    Eco Aromatherapeutic Conditioner (no sls or preservatives)
    Organic All Natural Tampon
    Organic Green Tea Energy supplement
    SPF 25 Natural Lip balm
    Eco Fingernail Clipper and filer
    Non-toxic eco-effective hand warmer
    Eco Friendly Disposable Razor along with chemical-free moisturized shaving cream (fragrance free)
    All Natural Ultra Moisturizer (paraben free)
    Natural Liquid Rock Deodorant (fragrance & paraben free)
    Eco-Friendly toothbrush in recycled plastic protection case
    Chemical-free Sunscreen Protection Packet
    Biodegradable survival washcloth in waterproof seal

    Also as a limited time offer to our eco-friendly loving customers we are now providing each LifeSaver with The Life Box. Once you’ve received your shipment you can easily plant the seed sprouting cardboard into your garden and soon you’ll have your very own set of baby trees!

  14. Hi! I’d love to submit a piece for your site. Can it be recycled from our personal website?


  15. Marge says:

    Hi everybody!

    I am new to this blog. I love eco-friendly items.
    I have a small business with glass nail files that last forever. That is why there is no waste. You do not have to buy a nail file every few weeks or months. If you like, you can check my products at

    Have a nice day everybody!

  16. Sara says:

    Hi to all greeners!!!

    I would like to introduce, Canadian’s Online Peer-To-Peer Rental Marketplace.
    RentThings aims at encouraging Individuals and Businesses to make ethical and ecological choices.
    Why do we clutter our lives and our planet with more and more stuff?
    Take a second to think about your home.Now, think about your closets.Are they empty?Chances are, they’re stuffed beyond capacity — usually to the point where you can barely shut the door.Whether you have 1 closet or 10 closets, chances are you’ll find ways to fill them.Why is it so easy for us to accumulate so much stuff? Because this is how we’ve been programmed to consume.In order to remain savvy, we’re forced to upgrade to the latest tech gadgets that claim to be “the next big thing.”In order to remain fashionable, we’re forced to keep up with the latest styles that fluctuate drastically from season to season.After a while, we end up with a pile of old iPods and shoes that do nothing but take up space, adding zero value to our lives.
    It’s time to introduce a cyclical process — something that is sustainable and anti-clutter.
    Fortunately, renting is cyclical.You take a material good that has been produced and reuse that product over and over and over, until its value has been fully maximized. More sharing = less production = less waste. We’re not suggesting that renting is the cure-all for our society’s obsession with possession but it’s certainly a step in the right direction.
    “Rentthings is here to cooperate to save the planet”
    “Be part of our Social Green Community”
    “Sharing is caring” Proudly Canadian

  17. Zach says:

    Hey there, I posted my new site to the directory. I’m looking for testers and feedback on a site I just launched.
    I created a new social platform for sustainability. I’d love feedback, as I am trying to network the site and grow the community. I’d love to connect with any of you.


  18. Mike says:


    My name is Mike and i am the webmaster of . Here people can learn how to build different eco-friendly devices and every day we submit news about renewable energy. There is any chance to submit my site in your directory?


  19. BR Green says:

    After the article is submitted, how long does it take to be posted? Will you send an email once it has been published? This is a great idea.

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