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Edgy New Company, Lucky Snowboards, Takes Industry by Snow Storm

San Francisco Bay Area – Edgy start up Lucky Snowboards takes the industry by storm with their passion for Eco friendly technology by using renewable products like Bamboo, poplar and hemp in their construction. They balance the line by incorporating … Continue reading

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Study Shows Pesticide Exposure Leads to Attention Problems in Children

Article From: A new study shows that children who were exposed to certain pesticides while they were in their mother’s womb, have a higher risk of developing attention disorder, like ADHD in their later years . In a study … Continue reading

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Big Green Head – An Eco-Friendly Monster on a Mission

There’s a new green monster in town and his name is Big Green Head!  He’s an eco-friendly monster on a mission to change your perception about going green.  It doesn’t have to be difficult, time consuming or costly; but you … Continue reading

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100% Natural New England-made Nautical Rope Toys for Dogs and Cats from Island Time Company

Captain David Bill’s fascination for knot tying began in Boy Scouts and evolved over a life of sailing and using knots and splices. When Captain Bill took on a sailing partner, a yellow lab named Ceilidh, he quickly found that … Continue reading

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Small Changes

Post Submitted By: Paul Merrill- Here’s a way you can help the environment in a small way… say no to a cup insulator sleeve the next time you get coffee-to-go. You will: – save that much addition to the … Continue reading

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The term “deadhead” didn’t always refer to a peace-loving, tree-hugging, hippie. In the transportation and shipping industry, “deadhead“, actually referred to the inefficient waste of fuel that consisted of an empty jet or 18-wheeler making the return trip from its … Continue reading

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EcoGreenies – Green Directory and PR Friendly Promotions

Welcome to EcoGreenies, we’re just getting started integrating our green blog with our  green directory. We’ll be taking article submissions starting 11/15/2010 – you can submit your information to us via our contact page. Thanks!

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